For nearly 20 years, Carbocia was able to capitalize on reliable and reactive partners, allowing them to meet the specific requirements of its customers.

The carrière de la Vallée Heureuse provides 90% of the CARBOCIA product range.

This family business operates since 1880 a limestone deposit of 200 hectares in the basin of the Marquise between Boulogne sur Mer and Calais.

With a production capacity of 20 000 tonnes per day, the Carrière de la Vallée Heureuse is a major producer of aggregates in all its forms and a historic partner for CARBOCIA.


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CARBOCIA relies on logistic providers to extend its product range and adapts itself to the specific requirements of the market.

Carbocia offers its customers a range of secure and fast transportations, adapted to specific requirements with regards to speed, efficiency and traceability.

Our products are mainly transported by tanker, but transport can be adapted to meet with specific needs.

Carbocia works with a core group of five carriers, two of which have been there since the start of the company. The latter two are responsible for 60 % of all deliveries.


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