CARBOCIA ensures that the quality of its products meet with the specifications required by the customer, and also with the production standards and industry regulations.

From production to delivery, we guarantee a constant quality to our products

Physical controls (particle size, value to blue, laser analysis …) as well as chemical controls (with fluorescent x-ray spectrometer) are carried out internally to ensure compliance of our products.

Annual and semi-annual controls (dioxin, sodium and heavy metals) are carried out by an independent laboratory accredited by the ministries of the concerned countries

Carbocia and its partners are also flexible to meet the specific demands of its customers. Each particular analysis can be performed on request.

With these requirements, CARBOCIA and its logistic partners are certified according to these three criteria :


KOMO: or concrete : The compliance of our products to the Dutch national Directive BRL 9312 « Waterbouwsteen »


GMP : For animal feed : The traceability of our product from production to delivery to the end customer.


CE2+ : Approved by an external bureau (AFAQ) according to the compliance with various European regulations applicable to different materials according to their final use.


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