Holcim France has taken a majority share in Carbocia


By joining the Holcim Group, Carbocia strengthens its position as a key player on the French micronized limestone market

As of November 1st, 2022, Carbocia is officially part of the Holcim Group. It’s another step deepening the already close partnership that already existed between Lafarge France, a Holcim subsidiary and the Carrières de la Vallée Heureuse. In addition to this working partnership, Holcim will now take over the management of micronized limestone (calcium carbonate) sourced from the bassin de Marquise through its link with Carbocia. The strengthening of this partnership will act as a guarantee for high standards of performance over the long-term and should soon be accompanied by the launch of a number of new high value-added products capable of meeting the growing challenge many industries face in relation to decarbonization

The Holcim Group, the world’s number one in innovative and sustainable building solutions 

With a presence in over 70 countries, the Holcim Group’s vision is to play a leading role in transforming the construction industry’s relationship with the environment. Its acquisition of a controlling stake in Carbocia is part and parcel of its 2025 strategy, which aims to ‘boost green growth’ in all of its commercial activities: cement, fast-setting concrete, aggregates and other solutions & products. 

Ambitious plans for Carbocia’s future 

In partnership with Carrières de la Vallée Heureuse, Holcim has already drawn up plans for a huge expansion in limestone production from the current volume of 400,000 tonnes to 600,000 tonnes by 2025.
Furthermore, we expect to see powerful synergies established between the teams at Lafarge France (a Holcim subsidiary) and Carbocia, which should enable Carbocia’s products to be made more widely available in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, more specifically, new high value-added decarbonized products. 
By joining the Holcim family, Carbocia will also be able to avail itself of the accumulated know-how of a company that boasts the world’s biggest R&D facility devoted to the study of materials science in construction, based at l’Isle d’Abeau (38). 
Carbocia’s micronized calcium carbonate (CaCO3) products will continue to be sold under the Carbocia brand. This will also apply to all calcium carbonate products produced on Lafarge sites which are destined for the non-construction sector: agriculture, animal feed, glass production and the like. With regards to construction sector products (cement, fast-setting concrete, precast concretes, asphalt), limestone products made in Lafarge factories will continue to be marketed under the Lafarge brand. 

To find out more about Holcim, visit our website at www.holcim.com and follow Holcim France on LinkedIn

Carbocia, the specialists in limestone fillers

In terms of particle size, uniformity and consistency, colour, flowability and chemical composition our micronized limestone fillers (ranging in size from a few microns to 4 mm) are perfectly suited to agricultural and industrial uses, meeting the specific standards and requirements of these sectors. We are able to operate on a continuous production basis and boast an integrated logistics infrastructure.

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We sell top-quality limestone fillers extracted from the Carrières de la Vallée Heureuse quarry in France’s Pas-de-Calais area. The intrinsic physical and chemical propertiesof our limestone and our micronization techniques are of major benefit to many industries. We shift our focus and adapt our products to keep pace with ongoing technological progress thanks to our partner CVH’s laboratory.

Our products

Our limestone has a content of over 96% CaCO3. This extremely high level allows us to meet the specifications of the industrial and agricultural sectors. The particle size of our fillers meets all relevant product requirements and complies with all standards and regulations currently in force. 

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