Animal feed and Premix

Our limestone-derived products, rich in calcium carbonate, are designed to cater to the needs of the agri-food industry, specifically the livestock farming sector.

Nutrition, good animal husbandry practices and productivity

In the modern era, productivity in animal husbandry, whether applied to livestock, poultry or even fish-farming has become inextricably linked to improvements in how animals are looked after. This quality-focused approach is underpinned by a healthier diet incorporating nutritional supplements tailored to an intensive farming approach that nonetheless complies with animal welfare regulations.

Calcium carbonate supplements of suitable particle size are a useful ingredient in nutritionally-balanced animal feeding programmes. Our tailored product range is aimed at a variety of applications: as a dietary supplement at certain stages in poultry development, to promote egg shell strength, as additives and nutritional supplements for cats, dogs, cattle and other types of livestock.

This high-quality mineral additive sourced from a natural raw material complies fully with this sector’s regulatory standards. Our certifications are testament to the quality and consistency of our products.

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Properties of our mineral raw material :

  • A high – and stable – calcium content
  • A low rate of hydrochloric insolubility
  • Flowability
  • Suitable colour
  • Range of particle sizes according to requirements (pellets/mini-pellets/flour)

Carbocia minerals: providing just the right levels of nutrient minerals for your animals’ dietary requirements.
Guaranteed product traceability from the production phase right up to delivery to the end customer.

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Carbocia, the specialists in limestone fillers

In terms of particle size, uniformity and consistency, colour, flowability and chemical composition our micronized limestone fillers (ranging in size from a few microns to 4 mm) are perfectly suited to agricultural and industrial uses, meeting the specific standards and requirements of these sectors. We are able to operate on a continuous production basis and boast an integrated logistics infrastructure.

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We sell top-quality limestone fillers extracted from the Carrières de la Vallée Heureuse quarry in France’s Pas-de-Calais area. The intrinsic physical and chemical propertiesof our limestone and our micronization techniques are of major benefit to many industries. We shift our focus and adapt our products to keep pace with ongoing technological progress thanks to our partner CVH’s laboratory.

Our products

Our limestone has a content of over 96% CaCO3. This extremely high level allows us to meet the specifications of the industrial and agricultural sectors. The particle size of our fillers meets all relevant product requirements and complies with all standards and regulations currently in force. 

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